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Theme of the campaign
School materials needed

The Appeltuin school gives several hours of lessons to children patients every week so they don’t fall behind with their normal school work. Problem: there are teachers but not enough lesson materials.

The mailing produced a good result from active donors, just like all loyalty campaigns for UZ Brussel. But the tests for potential new donors and reactivations were especially successful. A high average donation and response rate from new donors resulted in a very low overall cost, and the reactivation rate was even more impressive. This meant the campaign achieved a positive net result – the new and reactivated donors didn’t end up costing the UZ Brussel Foundation anything at all.

What key learnings did this campaign teach us? A lot!

First and foremost, the drop date (in this case right before the start of the new school year) plays an important role. It has a significant impact on donors – whose children and grandchildren will soon be going back to school – and creates a sense of urgency. The faster the school year approaches, the more urgent the request for help becomes. In simple terms: the more urgently the help is needed, the greater the chance of a donation.

The promotional item was a school pack containing a ruler, pencil, sharpener and rubber – a gift that’s in line with the theme of the letter (and which the donor can give to their child or grandchild). There’s also a visual link, with printed elements in the school pack depicting a beautiful apple tree. Altogether, the various elements in the mailing campaign formed a visual and themed whole, which always adds value.

The ‘gift list’ in the mailing provided a visual representation of what the donor was giving with their donation, and very clearly highlighted the issue, solution and specific request. This helped the donor decide what they wanted to give, resulting in a gratifying freedom of choice combined with a sense of empowerment.

The entire operation at De Appeltuin is of course an emotional issue in itself; it’s a place in UZ Brussel’s children’s hospital where young patients with a long-term illness can just be kids again for a while. The young (cancer) patients’ stories are sure to appeal to anyone’s emotions.

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