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UZ Brussel
Theme of the campaign
Folder with information cards

For the average donor, a bequest is the largest donation he will ever make. It is a rational decision, made after careful consideration.

In order to help with this decision, UZ Brussel wants to make a solid information package available. Moreover, with this guide UZ Brussel wanted to appeal to both candidate legatees and companies. Additional challenge: the hospital is evolving at a rapid pace; it was feared that a classic brochure would be outdated by the time it was printed.

In order to meet all these needs, WILL opted for a folder. Each project receives its own file. Depending on the target audience, each folder looks different. Is a project added or removed? Then the guide is adapted in no time.

The design was thus completely determined by the needs of the client. The result is functional, cost-effective and attractive.

Will Fundraising